Australian Sponsored Riders


Rebecca Williams-O'Brien


Hi! My names Rebecca Williams-O’Brien and this is my 10yo Imp Lusitano Stallion Asceta d’Atela


I have been riding horses since I was 3yo and been through Pony Club. I 1st decided to focus on dressage when I was 8yo because I loved the harmony, and calmness that it brought to me.

I started riding EA when I was 14yo as part of my learning and progressing to Top Level Dressage. I made it to Medium level by the time I was 16yo with a horse called Wyronga Grande.

We unfortunately had an accident when I was 18yo and I decided to give competitive riding a “rest” and ride leisurely.

I returned to full riding in 2005 with the purchase Heatherton Park Carlos who got me back into the swing of training and competition.

Unfortunately Carlo had to be retired with a leg injury in 2012, and the young horse that I had purchased, Hollingrove Dazzler, was still a baby.

So My husband and I decided to travel to Portugal for a holiday and see what the fuss was all about with the Famous Lusitano.

36 Years of riding and I’d never experienced anything remotely like what this amazing breed is capable of, the nature, character and training system are just something awesome to immerse yourself in.

I found Asceta on my second trip to Portugal, and decided to leave him in the capable hands of a trainer there, while we prepared the property and myself for his arrival.

I had never owned a stallion before or a Baroque so I was divining into the deepend and loving every minute of the journey.

I imported Asceta from Portugal in October 2013 and we have been on the most amazing path of learning and development that any keen rider could possible want.

And the Stamanol Team have been there every step of the way to support me with Asceta’s every need in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

We have commenced competing at Advanced Level and I can’t wait for the possibility of cracking into FEI come Spring.

I can’t wait to see what our future hold and where this crazy path is taking us.


We are very proud to be Sponsored by Stamanol

Damien Jessup


My interest in horses began in Primary School, where I borrowed horses from friends to ride. In 2003 I headed out to a large NAPCO cattle property called Glenormiston Station. Whilst there I learned the art of farriery and colt starting under the guidance of Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge winner and well renowned colt starter, Mr Ron Wall.

After 12 months I returned back home to Kenilworth on the Sunshine Coast to complete my Butchering Apprenticeship, but my passion for working with horses saw me leave my trade 12 months after completion.

In 2008, I met my wife Kate. Kate was an Eventing rider, competing in EA and FEI events with numerous achievements including being a member of the EA QLD Junior Eventing Squad, but following an accident in 2007, she was looking for a new horse sport to pursue.

My sport of choice was campdrafting.

Now, many years later, we run a successful horse business. I'm a full time farrier, we do a small amount of colt starting, and I compete successfully in Campdrafts, Stockmans Challenges and now Cutting.

We decided to try Stamanol on a mare and foal that arrived to our place a little under conditioned. The difference in them was astounding. We then decided to try the competition horses. One of our good mares, Diamond Nell IMP, has suffered all her life in Australia with chronic QLD Itch. We had tried everything, every product under the sun, to help her. Nowadays, Nell enjoys her retirement with very little itchiness.

Stamanol has been a monumental player in our feeding regime. Our horses are all very well conditioned (some are a little too well), happy and healthy.


Sally Hudson


Sally began riding at age 10, and has been training and competing home produced horses in Olympic disciplines for almost 30 years. As a teenager she competed with much success through the pony club ranks in dressage, showjumping and eventing, and at 18 was long listed for an Olympic Athlete Training Program after two very successful years in Grade 1 pony club and EA One Star level. A move to Melbourne for University put her horse riding on hold, and after attaining a Bachelor of Applied Science degree she is currently pursuing further study in equine health, nutrition and well-being, and is an accredited riding coach who loves helping horses and riders to achieve their goals. She is passionate about continuous improvement as a rider, trainer and coach, and trains with some of Australia's most well respected coaches. She and her husband are based at their property "DJ Park" in Bolinda, Victoria, where they breed and produce a select number of performance horses, and Sally takes in horses and students for training. Her goal is to compete at international level on her home bred and produced horses.


The Stamanol Team


2015 is Team Stamanols 2nd year together. We are a group of 5 ladies that have a common love for the sport of Team Penning.

2014 we took out the Ladies buckle at SEQTP Buckle series held at Rosewood and had our fair share of wins through the year.

2015 is proving to be a busy one with comps all over and consistency already showing thro as we head towards the SEQ Champs in Gympie Sept 12/13.


The team is:

Anita Thompson, a school Teacher at St Marys in Ipswich.  Anita has bred, broken in and trained her mount Shadow, a very competitive stock horse gelding.

Maddy Humpheys  works for Elders Toowoomba. Maddy is the team's fashion coordinator and rides the ever so reliable Dingbat.

Ivylee Bradbury works crazy hours in a bakery, and is the king pin of crazy selfies as well as being Cadburys fav customer. Ivylee rides the very seasoned mare Curly Sue.

Ashley Jade Griffiths  works at Hans small meats and is the first to put her hand up to give 110% for the team, even with a broken hand. Ashley rides the ratbag Nugget.

Joyce Wilkinson is the Kiwi of the team and puts up with the sheep jokes and being called mumma chook, Joyce rides the often grumpy, but much loved QH Miss Cutnrol.


We are a competitive team who rides to have fun!



Cooinda Orana Walers


I am a passionate advocate for the Australian Waler horse and their importance in Australia’s history. Together with my husband Chris and children, we breed and show Walers. We are active members of the Waler Horse Society of Australia (WHSA) and also members of the Queensland Mounted Infantry Historical Troop (QMIHT).


You will see us out and about at major commemorative events such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance day in our Light Horse uniforms. We are also members of the Logan Village Riding Club and enjoy taking part in dressage and fun days.


We breed a small number of quality foals each year. We also have a show team of 6 mares our family use to ride and show. We are proud of horses Waler heritage and they like Chris and I and our children, are descended from generations of proud Australians, who helped to forge this great country into the wonderful place we are lucky enough to call home today.


For more information see our website at



Mikayla Symonds


Hi my name is Mikayla and I'm 7 yrs old, this is my 19yr old pony

Cricket, I have been riding since I was 15months old and started competing at shows and sporting days when I was about 2 1\2, I've won a lot of things on my ponies including champion and reserve champion rider at Toowoomba royal two years in a row as well as winning lots of rider class championships at all the local shows.


My favourite thing to do on my pony is jumping, I've started to do a few training days and some small competitions, and am hoping to start interschool competitions next year. My mum has been feeding Stamanol to Cricket for a while now and he looks and feels amazing. I am so proud to help promote  such an amazing product.


Thank you to Joyce for this opportunity.


Georgia Barnett and Eskimo Rob (Moet)


Georgia finished Year 12 in 2014, attended Pony Club for many years and competed in Hacking, SJ, Dressage and Eventing.  Moet was purchased as a 10 year old TB in Oct 2013. Following six unsuccessful starts on the track he was enjoying a leisurely life before coming to us.  Moet is Mr Laidback who LOVES to jump, he’s not all that enthused about dressage, but is getting there!


Gee and Moet competed with numerous successes at qualifiers and State level for WMAC at Interschool competitions throughout 2014, in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing.  They were placed 5th Jnr Preliminary at the Qld State Eventing Championships and we’re overall aggregate point’s winners of the Lockyer Equestrian Group’s  (LEGS) Audie Mansfield Futurity, Junior Preliminary Champion and 2014 Reserve Junior Preliminary Points Champion.


2015 sees them concentrating on an Eventing career where they have stepped up to Pre Novice.  Hopefully all goes well and late next year we’ll think about moving up to 1*. 


When Joyce approached us about sponsorship we knew nothing about Stamanol.  The results – WOW – finally we could get some weight on this ribby TB.  No amount of food without blowing his brains could do this.


We are proud to be members of the Stamanol Team and the Stamanol Effect that is gripping the horse community in Australia!


Ultimately all we ask for is a healthy, safe and happy competition season and with the help of Stamanol we are well on our way to that!


Our motto in life:    You’ll never know unless you give it a go!!


Thank you Joyce, Russell and Stamanol.


Ashleigh Keighley


I think I first fell in love with horses before I knew what one was, my great grandfather was a very passionate and dedicated horse-man which is where my passion must have genetically come from, my mother and father did not share the same passion due to accidents and lack of interest, so they tried as hard as they could to keep me away, alas this did not work for long, by the time I was 8 I had my little fluffy grey welsh.

From there my dedication and determination only grew stronger, every day I had to feed and rug my own pony, catch and saddle my own pony, not an ounce of help from my beloved parents (other than financially and mentally) in fear they would put my saddle on backwards! After a few years I eventually started accumulating horses and selling them on, even breeding one of my mares and keeping the foal to educate and later show. I was very lucky to come across my beautiful "Mister" who has brought me to where I am today, through years of hard times and struggling through the show world on a "not so flash hack" and naughty behaviour we pushed through thanks to the help of my amazing coach's and he now is far better than anyone imagined!

Unfortunately due to work commitments my showing career and even riding was put on hold for 2 years while I completed a hairdressing apprenticeship, now I have more time on my hands so I am pleased to have started competing again this year. My foal is now my Galloway hack, Mister is still my champion taking me where I need to go, and I also have an off the track gelding who is my latest up and coming superstar currently being educated ready for next years show season and also entering dressage. After all these years my parents have learnt as much as me, and I'm so grateful for them taking me all the places I have had to go and now helping me out when I need it, without their support I wouldn't have been able to keep my passion running.

My ambitions are to always try harder, I like to develop a language to communicate when educating my horses rather than force them into anything with results proving to be very effective, I love feeding natural feeds and when I found stamanol I was so excited! Joyce has been very supportive of me throughout getting me back into competing again, and I can not thank her enough for this amazing opportunity and for providing us with the best product I have come across


Steph Chenery 


Stephanie is 22 years old . 

I have been riding since I was 6 years old and starting showing when I was 8. 

I currently break in and train my own horses and clients horses. I also give lessons to a great bunch a clients , aged from 4 - 25.


I compete at the highest levels of showing , including SHC grandnationals , EA nationals, Sydney , Bathurst , Canberra and Melbourne royal and I'm hoping to start a dressage career with my 17.3hh warmblood gelding by jive magic.


I live, breathe and sleep horses and love nothing more then to break in and train our horses to see them competing and winning at the highest levels. 

I also love teaching the young riders especially, to see them enjoying there horses and working there way up to the top.


A few highlights of my career include: 


- champion show hunter hack over 16hh 

- runner up open show hack over 16hh

2015 Bathurst Royal Show 

- champion show hunter pony under 12hh 

- reserve champion open show hunter hack over 15hh 

2015 Pacific Coast Hack Championships 

- champion leading rein show hunter pony 

2015 Melbourne Royal 

- Supreme led saddle pony 

2014 Macquarie Bank Hack Championships 

- champion open show hunter leading rein pony 

2013 Macquarie Bank Hack Championships 

- champion show hunter hack over 16hh 

2011 Sydney Easter Show 

- reserve champion show hunter Galloway 14-15 hh 

- 1st novice girl rider 17-21 years 

2011 SHC Grandnationals 

- Runner up open lady rider 17-21 years 



Very proud to be sponsored by Stamanol, such a fantastic product. 


KP Performance Horses


Katrina Alexander-Smith & Peyton Ryan Smith


I (Katrina) started riding when I was 4 years old, my parents bought me a Palomino Welsh Mountain pony and I haven’t looked back from there. 24 years later I have had major success within the fields of Hacking, Dressage & Showjumping. I have also started my business training Horses & Students. I love giving back to the Sport that has given me so much happiness and  enjoyment. Currently I have a 16.1 Thoroughbred named Alfie (Show Name: Majestic). Alfie has been part of the Team since April 2009, throughout our years together we have both learnt so much. We’ve had our fair share of success, disappointment and many lessons learnt. Alfie is rising 18 this year and I have officially retired him from the Hack Ring following the conclusion of Cloncurry Show 2015, to which he carried me to Champion Senior Dressage Rider & Supreme Rider of the Show. Alfie is Medium trained, he also jumps and is a excellent sporting pony (just for a bit of fun). I have had some great horses on my Team and every single one of them has taught me valuable life lessons and hold a place in my heart.


Peyton Ryan is only 4 years old. Her first ride on a horse was at age 3 weeks, on my beautiful Grand Champion Pony “Millan Figlio”. Peyton has shown much love and dedication to the Equestrian world, with many accomplishments to show for it. When it came to purchasing Peyton a pony, we knew we had to find something “special”, and that we did. Primrose Park Silver Snaffles or “Snaffles” was purchased in September 2013 from South Australia. Snaffles is a 7yo, 11.1HH Welsh Mountain Pony. Peyton & Snaffles have shared much success through their time together so far, they have a special bond, best friend. We expect great things from this little team, though most of all we very much enjoy watching them grow, play & learn together.


There are also two other, very important people part of this team. My parents, Vera & Gary Alexander. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible. They have been there for every lesson, every competition, the smiles, the tears & everything in between. So Thanks Mum & Dad (Nannie & Grandad).


Something my former Instructor used to say to me stuck, “No Pain, No Gain”. I have lived by that motto my whole career and also teach to my Students.


I believe in life we don’t find passion, but rather it finds us & it is our job to facilitate that passion; our passion just happens to involve an animal with whom we share an extraordinary relationship centered on trust & dedication.


Peyton & I would to thank Joyce for the wonderful sponsorship opportunity. We love this product & are proud to be ambassadors for Stamanol.



Samantha Dernee


Age: 16

Horses: Brannigans Sub Zero, Felix and Fino


From the age of 2 my mother had trouble keeping me off a horse, I was alway super keen and would climb fences and gates to get to the horses. 


The first horse to win my heart was a miniature pony called Tinkerbelle.  She was the most beautiful pony and she taught me how to ride and my equine addiction rolled on from there. I had numerous very good and some very bad horses, but the will to succeed was always there.


I went through pony club like most kids and tried everything, but my mother was an event rider and I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I competed at eventing for 3 years with lots of success due to the excellent coaches.


At the start of 2014, after a major horse accident that left me in a wheel chair for 4 months, I started riding again. Buying my horse Brannigans Sub Zero, who was 5 at the time.  During the year I had multiple lessons with Ron Easey, former Olympic showjumper and by the end of the year I found myself working for him and completely in love with showjumping.  


Starting the year 2015 going to every show with Ron was the best experience allowing me to train my horse now competing in 1.20

and numerous junior classes. 


With the acquisition of another 2 good young horses, I always try to manage each  horse correctly and to their benefit.

I started using Stamanol because my mother bought a bucket to try and ever since then my horses have excelled. All my horses have increased condition, built better top lines and their recovery rate following a big competition has improved dramatically. They look better and feel better and always eat at the competitions without stressing.


Thanks to the support of Joyce and the Stamanol team ,I am able to go out and compete knowing my horses always look their best and have to best chance to succeed. 





Ellie Granger


Hi my name is Ellie Granger and I love horses.  Horses have been a part our family’s life forever and I started competing in barrel racing and team penning events at the age of 10 on my father’s rope horse Spinner.

I have always been pretty competitive and started to do quite well at these competitions from the around the year 2011, winning championships, trophy buckle series and awards in both events.  These include Gympie Horse and Rodeo Association Junior Buckle Series Winners in Team Penning and Barrel Racing, South East Queensland Junior Team Penning Championships, Speed2Succeed Junior Barrel Racing Champion 2D and 1D runner up but my biggest thrill was in 2012 when my dream came true, I qualified to represent Australia at the 2013 National Barrel Horse Association World Youth Championships in Perry, Georgia USA!

 To represent Australia in a sport I truly love was an amazing experience. I had two wonderful runs on the beautiful horse “Ruling Glory” aka “Jody” and did extremely well. placing in the top hundred for the Teens (14 years to 18 years) out of over 1100 competitors, just missing out on going back into the finals by 0.014 seconds and being only 0.9 of a second behind the fastest in the world’s competition. It was such an amazing event.

I focus mainly on barrel racing now and love to go to competitions with my mum, who is also competitive and my biggest support. We just love trying to beat each other’s times too. I retired my beautiful 20 year old Spinner from barrel racing in 2014 although he is still in full work for my Dad and my brother, Cody in team roping events.  I have two horses I compete on full time, Rocky and Bo and two horses in training, Cash and Goober. They all have different personalities and are the lights of my life.

All our horses are on Stamanol for many good reasons, we want our horses to look their best, perform their best and be in the best condition to live a long and healthy life.  Our horses are part of our family and they deserve the best! I am a proud to be a part of Team Stamanol!


Yours in horses, Ellie Granger, 18 years old, 2015





Ella Darmanin

Pony- Kamilaroi centerfold


Hi my name is Ella Darmanin, I am 11 years old. I have been riding ponies since I can remember.

My first pony was a miniature pony named Smokey, Mum had him as a 6 month old, so he was two when I was born. We had lots of fun climbing all over him, he was a great starter pony.

I started pony club at the age of 4 with an Australian pony named Roy and was on the lead with him as he was a young show pony. Then on my 5th birthday Mum and Dad bought me a pony named Fluer she had been there and done that so I was off the lead and learning to canter. Fluer moved on to my cousin and I then moved up to Shadow a black buckskin welsh pony. Shadow is still with us now and is ridden by my friends at pony club. I now ride Kamilaroi Centerfold and still love catching up with my friends at pony club.

My real love is showriding and dressage but I also love to sport and jump.

My pony now  Milla Man is the best pony ever, I can do all of this on him.

He is the perfect all rounder.


Just recently I was selected for the Interschool NSW National team as a reserve rider in combined training, this was a great privilege to be selected. Next year I hope to make the Interschool NSW dressage team.

My goals are to take my pony up the levels of pony dressage and to attend pony club state show rider and dressage as well as the state and National Interschool championship.


We started using stamanol in August 2015 hoping this could help in my ponies health and maybe help his brain to focus on work and not the environment around him as much. We have noticed a big change in his focus to work as well as his coat and topline.


 Thank you Joyce for this great opportunity of sponsorship.


Maisy Hetherington

Hello, my name is Maisy Hetherington I am 13 years old, I live in a small country town called Cloncurry (North West Queensland). I have lived on many cattle stations around this area, when I was little I always competed in many local events, mainly gymkarnas. My family moved to Cloncurry in 2012, and I started barrel racing on my sister's horse a year or so later. Kevin had to be retired middle of last year (2015) due to arthritis. In December 2015 I was lucky enough that my family bought me Miss Whiskey a 10 year old mare that I have been competing on all this year and have also started breakaway roping off my friend's horse this year.

Horses are a big part in my life, I cannot thank my family (and a few special friends) enough for all their help and support in rodeo.

Stamanol has played a huge role on rodeo road, giving Miss Whiskey all the supplements she needs to keep her healthy and perform to the best of her ability. I am very proud and excited to be a part of Team Stamanol and to now be able to promote such an amazing product! Thank you Joyce for this opportunity!


Tiffany Watterson

Hello my name is Tiffany Watterson , I am 23 years old and from the South Coast of NSW . My riding career started out when I was 2 years old on a old grey pony who at times could be very naughty , although teaching me a lot at the same time . 20 years from there and I haven't looked back , I've had a lot of success in Hacking , Rider classes , Stock Horse Events and Sporting . I am Currently competing on 2 Horses at the moment and have a retired Riding pony who is now 20 ! 

Cobradah Quizzmaster ( Quizz) is a 16.2 Australian Stock Horse gelding . I purchased Quizz as a Campdrafter in 2007 , it didn't take long before I realised he would make a fantastic hack with a bit more weight . Since then , He has Placed consistently in the Top 3 in his Hunter Hacks , ASH classes and he has carried me to be Reserve Champion Rider at the ACTWAGL Royal Canberra Show Twice !!

I am also competing on at 13.2 Welsh B gelding Woranora Chancellor  . I originally Purchased Harry as a project and something to play around with , but from the day I got him home , I knew he was going to be much more than that . He was broken in at the Beginning of December 2014 and started showing as a newcomer in January 2015 placing highly among a lot more seasoned horses . Harry competed at his first Ridden Royal this year at 2016 Canberra royal show - where he placed 2nd in his Novice Hunter pony , 5th in his open Show Hunter Pony and 7th in his Childs Show hunter pony class out of over 40 competitors . Throughout my showing career I have tried so many feed additives , but

none of them compare to STAMANOL . The whole 3 of my horses are on STAMANOL , simply because I want them to perform their best, look their best and most importantly of all be in a great healthy condition. My 2 show horses have never had a shine like they have had since using STAMANOL and it has helped Maintain a nice weight and overall health of my older pony .

I would like to thank Joyce for this fantastic opportunity and I am very proud and excited to be Sponsored by STAMANOL .


© 2016 by Stamanol