Frequently Asked Questions


Will Stamanol make my horse hot?

Due to the high vitamin B content in Stamanol most of our customers report their horse to be much calmer after at least a week of being fed Stamanol or no change in their horse’s temperament.


How Much Do I Feed?

To work out your horses daily dosage divide their approximate weight by 4 and the total is the daily dose (in grams) to feed.

(a scoop holds 40gr)

For example

400kg horse ÷ 4 = 100grams which is 2½ scoops

500kg horse ÷ 4 = 120grams which is 3 scoops  

How Long Will My Tub of Stamanol Last?

Once you have worked out your horse’s daily dosage choose your tub size and divide it by your daily dose.

For example

5kg bucket = 5000grams, fed to a 400kg horse at 100grams per day = 50 days

5kg bucket = 5000grams fed to a 500kg horse at 120 grams per day = 40days


Storage Instructions

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Reseal container after use.




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