About Stamanol?

Stamanol as a product exists through the purchase of the proprietary formulation, from Ken Ford then owner of Equitec, a company that has been in operation for over twenty years. This Proprietary formulation is manufactured in a Commercial Australian Standard compliant facility, that produces the majority of the animal feed supplements, that you will find on your local stockfeed retailer’s shelf.

Our product is produced on our behalf to a strict recipe sourced from ingredients that are natural & organic, sourced from reputable companies within Australia. By natural & organic, we as a company mean, products that are sourced and or grown in a natural environment, for instance kelp, yeast. Whilst we aim for full transparency in relation to how our product is created, if we gave all the information we would no longer have our product.

 Stamanol is its proprietary formula; the employee’s that manufacture it are contractually obligated to secrecy. In the 1930’s Colonel Sanders’ created his signature chicken coating to this day the ’11 secret herbs and spices’ are still a trade secret. Whilst he said that you could find all the ingredients to make his ‘secret’ coating on your pantry shelf, it is still a ‘trade secret’.

The same can be said of Stamanol, except instead of going to your kitchen cupboards you would have to go down to your local stockfeed shop. We live in a capitalist economy, this free market reality would not thrive without proprietary rights in direct relation to intellectual property.

It is this right of business and especially the individual to protect their propriety property and derive benefits from their personal investment into it. Without this incentive to create, we would most probably have such a diverse market place that offers the individual so many products to choose from.


Our product is created from the highest quality products, in the highest quality facility. We choose the right to safe guard our proprietary formulation. Yet it is with the most heartfelt assurance and belief in our product, which we choose to manufacture and retail Stamanol, to you our customer.



Stamanol is not a registered product with the APVMA, due to their following regulations:

“Non-medicated feed, feed premixes and feed ingredients fed as part of the normal diet of an animal, that are represented only as being suitable and used to help maintain natural or normal health, production, or performance, and that are intended solely for nutritional purposes, do not require registration”

Examples of animal feed products that do not require registration include:

“whole unprocessed plant material fed as part of the normal diet of an animal, which is only represented as being suitable and used to help maintain natural or normal health, production, or performance”



Any and all examples of actual real life benefits and or amazing results are testimonials from our real life customers, who have given us permission to publish actual outcomes after and during the use of Stamanol.


We would like to thank you for time and consideration.

Yours sincerely the Stamanol Team



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