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Fiona DeJersey
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My name is Blake Young, I am 11 years old.


I live in Acton Park, Tasmania on our property with my ponies.  We have a great team of ponies from 10.2hh – 14.2hh.  Our horses are a huge part of our lives and I am very fortune to have some lovely ponies which I do everything from showing, jumping, inter-schools, eventing, trail riding etc. 


My favourite pony is Wisteria Park Fred Astaire (Ginger), he is 12.2hh.  Ginger is my best friend and has taught me so much, we are a great team.  I am very dedicated to my ponies and ride them as much as I can.  Recently I won our Tasmanian Interschool’s Show Hunter with Ginger and many more placings at Royal level. 


I have always placed well at all events I compete in, and my ponies are immaculately presented at all times.


We have been feeding Stamanol for quite some time and our ponies look amazing.  I feel very fortunate to have this Stamanol sponsorship.


Fiona DeJersey

Thank you very much to Stamanol for sponsoring me and my horses. I have been feeding Stamanol for a few months now and I am impressed with the results. I will be honoured to represent the brand in Tasmania.


I have previously competed up to official medium level in dressage and at HOTY and Royal level in showing. I had a brief break to have a baby and I’m now back in the swing of things and also enjoying introducing my now-4yo daughter to the world of horses.


I currently have 6 horses but my ‘main man’ is a warmblood I bred and started under saddle, San Quentin. Quentin is sensitive and can be a bit tricky but he is my heart horse and I will never part with him. I bred him to be a dressage horse but he has other ideas and is showing a strong preference for jumping. For this reason I have had to take some brave pills and have taken up showjumping! I intend to continue competing him in showing, dressage and showjumping. We also both love to trail ride and we have been known to do Medieval Skills at Arms. I love the mounted archery, Quentin’s favourite is the jousting.


I also have a weanling warmblood filly I intend to bring on slowly with the hopes that she will one day follow in Quentin’s (very big) footsteps.


My daughter has a Shetland/welsh cross pony she has lessons on, trail rides and does the occasional show with. Time will tell how keen she is and where they go together.


Thank you again for the sponsorship, I hope my horses and I will do you proud.