Margaret and Skyler



Hello, my name is Margaret, and I own and show Miniature Horses. What you are about to read is the story of one of my horse’s, a filly whose name is Skyler, and before finding ‘STAMANOL’, matters for her were very dire indeed…

It all began one day, in March, of 2015, when Skyler, then aged just a brief six months old, became severely ill with colic. However, thankfully, with veterinary assistance, she survived. Yet, in June, then aged just nine months old, she suffered with another bout of colic, fighting to survive once more. Now, believe it or not, but one month following this second attack she was again struck down with colic, and against all odds, for a third time, she survived.

Myself, and the veterinarians, were at a loss as to what was causing such frequent bouts of colic. We were working together to expose the identity of the mystery contributor behind her illness. The first suspect was the dust; caused by the recent droughty conditions, which had expedited the loss of our pastures. Yet, to combat this, I had been feeding Skyler husks once a week and sugar beet flakes every day, as part of a high fibre diet regimen; so the dust was ruled out. Secondly, diet was suspected, and so as a precautionary measure the veterinarian suggested that I remove all the high-protein food elements from her diet, such as pellets and pre-mixed feeds, as well as her regular ration of Lucerne hay, (which I substituted with Rhodes grass, eaten from a feeder).

Yet, when her malaise failed to improve, confusion became well established. What was causing her sickness? After many, many weeks of unsureness, the cause was identified, namely; ulcers of the stomach. She was immediately prescribed ulcer medication, which was dutifully administered once daily. The side-effect of so sudden a treatment however, was a very rapid and severe loss of condition. She lost condition even quicker than with her bouts of colic; she lacked vigour, she was wasting, her growth was stunted, her coat was lustreless, and then to add to it all, she contracted a respiratory infection. This compromise of health was so much so, that she was prescribed antibiotics instantly.

My greatest concern was now entirely remedial. How could I revitalise the health of my horse, the stamina, if you will, before I lost her forever?  I applied to the veterinarians directly, I researched using the internet, and I even contacted several agricultural colleges. Yet, it all seemed to no avail. I was at the end of my wits. But, keep faith, as it was upon the trust of a good friend that I was set sure. They suggested to me, that I should begin trialling a relatively new product, an organic vitamin and mineral supplement sold under the trade-name of ‘STAMANOL’. I was sceptical at first, as though a good friend, I simply struggled to believe that this product could do all that they purported it to. So, to assure myself, I visited the product web-site, and I researched the product outwardly, only discover nothing but praise for it. With that assurance, I contacted a member of the representative team at the ‘STAMANOL’ Company, (a very helpful woman named Joyce Wilkinson), from whom I ordered the product. The product arrived hastily, within just two days, and I immediately began adding this to the feed of my sick filly. Well, surely enough, my friend was right, and I shall use no other product other than ‘STAMANOL’, from here on.


Skyler has improved immensely, her vigour has since returned, her growth has progressed, and her coat is entirely lustrous, which is in tremendous contrast to her prior condition. Then, to capital the effort, her respiratory ailment has also cured. This inspired celebrations all around.


‘STAMANOL’ possesses every vital mineral necessary for hearty equine health, compacted into a neat and economical pulverised formulation, of an entirely natural derivation. This product is easily integrated with a horse’s feed, and is readily absorbed into the body through the natural processes of alimentation, there-by initiating the greatest possible effects of health upon the system of the horse. Who could ask for anything more, I wonder.


Ever since beginning with this product, Skyler has begun growing steadily and proportionately. At six months old, prior to beginning with the ‘STAMANOL’ supplement, she had measured 27 inches tall. Yet, in the weeks following the introduction of the ‘STAMANOL’ to her feed, she has increased in size by 1 ½ inches, to average a dainty 28 ½ inches. The effect of this product has been so rewarding that I now supply it to all of my horses, and have found it of an especial benefit to my foaling mares.


I proclaim a brave thank you to the ‘STAMANOL’ Company. Their formulation has proven, beyond all doubt, to be an exceptionally healthful preparation, of a most efficacious variety; it truly is the salvation of perfect equine health.

Hey Stamanol!

This is my 6 year old, un-raced thoroughbred Monte. When we first got Monte in December of 2014, he was in great condition with the right amount of muscle and fantastic coat condition. Bringing Monte home for the first time was very exciting as he is my first young horse that I'm training. Mum and I love horses and we get along so well as shes always able to give me advice along the way with my horses. Unfortunately in the first few weeks of having Monte he dropped a ridiculous amount of weight and lost condition because of the little to no grass where we were keeping him and the feeds we were giving him weren't enough to keep the condition. His weight would change every week from starting to show some more muscle and started to fatten up then he would drop it all again. 

We got in contact with my show jumping instructor Sally Hudson to have a lesson. After our lesson she spoke to us about Stamanol and the great results it has on so many types of horses. We were so stressed about his weight and how we would get him to gain more weight we thought we would give it a try. 

So in the first week of using Stamanol, we saw results straight away and 5 months on from using Stamanol Monte has a very shiny, healthy coat, he has muscle, has more energy to do his everyday horsey things and works amazing for me. 

I recommend Stamanol to all my friends who may have the same troubles as I had and love it just as much as I do. Thank you so much for this opportunity! :) 


Kind Regards

Lauren Hunter

March 10 2015


I would never have believed that a supplement could have such a huge effect on a horse’s condition.

The Stamanol Effect has been amazing and Moet's feed has not been altered at all. Moet had been on another well-known supplement for 10 months prior to Stamanol!


The first thing we noticed was his gut moving, enabling him to digest his food better. His overall topline and muscle tone came next and he is still has quiet as ever. Yes work helps but he is a fit today as he was on Day 1.Day 1.

Thank you Joyce and Russell for your sponsorship with this amazing product.


Deb xx

February 23 2015


Hi there,


I just wanted to let you know about an unexpected 'side effect' to feeding stamanol. I originally bought a tub as my boys' coats were looking a little dull and I felt they needed a mineral boost. One of my boys is a clydy cross who has the worst itch I have ever experienced on a horse. I have tried every product under the sun over the years, and while they all worked to some degree, he always had sores and scabs on his face and ears that I could never 'fix.' Well yesterday I noticed that his face and ears are totally sore free. The only thing that has changed is feeding him stamanol. With all this wet weather around his head is normally red raw. To say I was shocked is an under statement!


Thank you so much for a great product. I am sold on your product and will be recommending it to others.


Danni Kaos

26th May 2015


I just wanted to say how much I love Stamanol! 


My horse (8 year old, chestnut thoroughbred gelding) has been on Stamanol since January 2015 and WOW - he's looking better than ever! I'm always a little worried when trying new feeds or suppliments due to the chestnut thoroughbred in him (we don't want spooky, tense, angry chestnut thoroughbreds!). So, I try to stick to what I know works for him. When I saw so many fantastic reviews about Stamanol I had to try it, and just like the bucket says - 'Won't make 'em buck'!


Within a week his coat was glossier. Within a few weeks he was getting chunkier in all the right places. Within a few months he was so shiny you need to wear sunglasses around him - and that's with his winter coat! His coat has gotten much darker too. It normally doesn't go dark until September. Last year it didn't even go dark. This year - it's already dark!


Coming into the cold months he always gets a little light-on no matter how much I feed him. This year he is yet to drop any weight! It was a big surprise last week when he got measured by a saddle fitter and it turns out he has put on a fair few kg's since March! The saddle fitter also mentioned how soft his coat was :)


He can also be a fussy eater - no issue there! He loves it. A few friends have seen how great Gulliver is looking and have decided to try it for themselves - good reports so far of happy, healthy, shiny horses!


Thanks Stamanol!




19th May 2015




My name is Tanya and I have been using Stamanol since February for my OTT Standardbred gelding.

Peanut is rising 6 and can be described as a little hyperactive at time, not nervous so much but opinionated.

The first photo shows Peanut in February, just couldnt get the rest of his topline up, his coat was dull and he had excess energy and no focus. The second photo shows him as he is now, he is still opinionated and likes to tell me he doesnt want to do something, but he will do so anyway.
This is our first cross country event we placed 4th overall out of 7 


I recommend Stamanol to everyone who has issues with almost anything! Everyone can see a difference


Kind Regards 

Tanya and Peanut


17th May 2015



Just over fifteen years ago we  bred 'Jake the Jerk' as my mother acidly refers to my Dutch Warmblood,Thoroughbred cross.  Now this title is sort of well deserved as Mr Jake has all the potential in the world but when he goes to a competition it all falls apart.

But today my Mother is being forced to eat her words liberally seasoned with Stamanol.

Originally when we ordered our little Daddy Taddies from the other side of the hemisphere, my Mother and I opted for a stallion called Grand Cru, a beautiful specimen of stallion hood, with , movement, temperament and trainability, he was the perfect choice to put over my (retired due injury) Thoroughbred mare Kharnie.

Grand Cru

Well something went wrong with our order of swimmers and the company could not deliver on our chosen stallion. They then gave us a choice of a list of replacement Daddy for our Taddies to choose from. Now I ended up choosing an up and coming stallion, Broere Jazz, if any person has seen this stallion move they will understand why I chose him.


 Jazz has Ranked in the top five Sires for the  WBFSH/FEI rankings for the last seven consecutive years. Known now for his consistently stamping his progeny with his exceptional movement, Jazz is a stallion of choice for breeding FEI level horses. 

However there is one drawback to breeding to this stallion, his spooky temperament passes on to his progeny too. When we bred our Jazz gelding we were unaware of this behavioural trait. As Jazz was new on the scene and he lacked the resume that comes with using an established stallion.

When you use an established stallion that has been around for quite a while, you can look back on the prospective sire's competition history, look at his progeny who are out competing and talk to owner's that have bred to you the prospective sire. But with a young up and coming stallion you do not have these fields available to you to research, you only have the stallion's Sire and Dam line's to check up.

However sometimes you take that chance to breed what you think will be the next generation of equine performance athlete. Our Stallion Belcam Argenero -aka:Bunji- is what we would now be considered the old type  of Australian Warmblood, Chunky and Compact, like Grand Cru. 

Yet with Bunji when you breed to him you are guaranteed an exceptional horse, he stamps every one of his progeny with temperament, movement and trainability. These days we are breeding a finer boned sport horse for dressage, a leggy horse with more flick and flair, a higher uphill sort of leg movement.

By breeding to my Thoroughbred mare to Jazz I thought I would achieve my dream horse, fine boned with movement that would take your breath away. When I got Jake classified by the Oldenburg Society Studbook he scored top sore in Australia and awarded Premium colt at just 5 weeks of age, but we found he had some issues and that is where the title 'Jake the Jerk' comes from.

My mum nicknamed him thus because this horse had all the potential in the world but could not keep use it. Jake is a typical Jazz, the harder the movements you throw at him the better he does, to keep him focused you just work him harder and higher. Jazz horses excel by lifting the bar higher, their comprehension and execution of higher level dressage movements is second to none in the world of dressage.

At home in his safe little arena Jake would shine, run him through his test and wow he would leave me flabbergasted, but take him to a show and it would all fall apart. If a daisy opened in the next paddock watch out, puddles, umbrellas and carts would set him off. 

By breeding Jake we learned a valuable lesson, chiefly, be careful what you breed to, if we had waited for Jazz to establish his career and got some progeny on the ground we would have been able to establish what type of mare to breed to. A Jazz and a Thoroughbred are not the right combination, we should have bred him to an A line mare.

What we have found over the last sixteen plus years of breeding with an A line Stallion is that the progeny sired from this line are stamped with a quiet and docile temperament. It is this combination we believe today would be a perfect combination for the modern type of sport horse. 

For the last fifteen years my mother and I have been at war over this horse, she does not know why I keep persevering with him. Throwing dollar after dollar into him, shoes, lessons, tack, and her belief is that he is only good for a paddock hack. But the reason I keep giving him the benefit of the doubt is that, every time I get disillusioned with him  I ride him - at home - he takes my breathe away, his elevation, comportment and willingness to work so hard for me, astounds me.

At the start of this years I formed my first ever eCommerce endeavour, for natural equine supplements, and as I have gone along I have found different products to retail. Subsequently as I have found these products I have trialled them primarily at home before I have then gone onto retail them.    

And it is thus with Stamanol, an Australian owned and produced Organic Mineral and Multi-Vitamin Supplement. I started to feed it to Mr J Jerk and I have started to see a bit of a change in old Caspar eyes. To my Mother's eternal annoyance, I started to bring Jake back into work for competition.

And it was like I had a new horse, the harder I worked him, the higher the movements that I throw at him the better he does. But the acid test was taking him to a show and wow what a change, my boy proved her wrong, finally. Over the last month I have entered him into 3 competitions and his results are as follows:

  • Reserve Champion Hunter

  • 1st Novice Hunter over 16hh

  • 1st Medium Heavy Weight Hunter over 15hh

  • 1st Open Hunter over 15hh


  • 1st Novice 65%

  • 1st in an Elementary Test 68% (His first Ever)

  • 2nd in an  Novice 64%

  • 2nd in an Elementary Test 62% (Missing both wins by 1%)

My boy has finally arrived, I can only say that I have finally found the right combination to help this horse achieve what he was bred to achieve, I believe it is onward and upward for Mr Jake. The only thing that I have personally changed in this horses' environment is to add Stamanol to his diet. Now I know my evidence is anecdotal and maybe I am biased, but this product seems to have transformed my horse, so I am just Jazzy about Stamanol.




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